D_T Sarah
2 min readJul 21, 2021


There is someone I know; who we never got along. Our timing just wasn’t right. The moment I tried to have a conversation, was a wrong timing for this person…and vice versa. So we just didn t click. Everything about this person was just the opposite of myself. We both took offenses from each other’s words, actions__behaviour entirely. This led to us not even keeping in touch anymore.

Not until one day, one thing led to another, and then we decided to see each other for a not-so official purpose. And after we had settled the reason for coming together, we just sat down, and then conversations started flowing naturally…it was beautiful. Using the favourable atmosphere, I decided to question the reason behind the odd behaviours. And there was an explanation to the whole thing. We just never viewed things from each other’s perspective. I realised it was something that wouldn’t have been a problem, if only we had put our differences aside, and given understanding enough room to do its thing.

Sometimes, you don’t need to share similarities with a person before you can have an healthy relationship with such individual. Maybe you just need to understand the other.

Understanding this person has made it easy for us to interact, and even given us the opportunity to find one out of a thousand connections.

It has also made it easier for me to associate with different kinds of people.

Understanding is key — being aware of other people’s feelings, and making sense of It, being tolerant and forgiving, helps you keep an healthy relationship with people.