D_T Sarah
3 min readAug 23, 2021


I didn’t plan on writing anything for now, due to the fact that I was still trying to find my balance in my new environment. But i was feeling some kind of way this evening, and so I tried watching some videos online, just to focus my attention on something else. But then, the Holy Spirit called my attention, and said “LET’S WRITE SOMETHING TOGETHER”.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine, sometime last week. We talked about how we’ve both gotten to the point where we couldn’t do things without the Holy Spirit, and even times when we got chastised by Him too. Basically, we talked about intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

If you follow up on my articles, I once wrote something on prayer, where I said something about my life not being my own, ever since I had an encounter with God.

I won’t be talking about who the Holy Spirit is, as we already know who He is, coupled with the fact that it is my accountability in my relationship with the Holy Spirit so far(which is divided). Although, I would like to give a short explanation of the word “intimacy”.

My relationship with the Holy Spirit has gotten to the point where He tells me what to do, what to say, and helps me feel better whenever I’m feeling down. We also have conversations everytime(You see me alone, but I’m never alone).

Intimacy is what builds over time as you connect with someone, which makes you feel more and more comfortable with this person, during your time together. There’s this physical and emotional connection.

But intimacy with the Holy Spirit, is more of a spiritual connection; with an emotional connection attached to it. It is what happens, when we give ourselves to Him and He gives Himself to us over and over; deeply knowing the other.

Being intimate with the Holy Spirit, has left me reliant on Him. In Him I find peace, confidence, and comfort. Through Him , I am able to understand the Word(receive insights).

Now, me writing this, does not mean I have full intimacy with the Holy Spirit yet — this is because I’m still getting to know Him. He knows all about me, but I’m getting to know more about Him. Although, I’m at that point, where I don’t need to be in a quiet place to hear Him well, except on some very important matters. We have conversations even in a very busy area. This is because, I have cultivated an awareness of the Holy Spirit. Always being aware of His presence. But before getting to this point of hearing Him even when everywhere is so busy, I uniquely connected with Him; and consistently did it. You know every relationship requires communication, and like we said; intimacy is what builds over time, when you have special times together with that individual. That is how it is with the Holy Spirit too. You need to spend quality time with Him to create a bond.

We all have different ways in which we specially communicate with the Holy Spirit. For me, it was staying outside(out in the open) alone, especially at night, praying, while walking — having conversations with the Holy Spirit at loud, and it would seem as if He was right beside me. And sometimes, it is staying indoor amd connecting with Him in the context of worship(through music) as it is my thing.

You need to find that unique way to connect with the Holy Spirit and put it into practice. It doesn’t have to be the same as mine, as God who created you, would relate to you in your peculiarity.

Before writing this article, I planned on not teaching at all, but to just share my experience. But there’s one thing I’d love you to know, and it is that — you have to “be real” with the Holy Spirit, having nothing to hide. Don’t try to hide your weaknesses, nor your sins, as He’s fully aware of everything that goes on in your life. It simply makes It easier for you to create a special bond with Him, and vice versa.

I still pray for greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I also want you to do the same. Ask God to stir up the desire for an higher level of intimacy with Him.