D_T Sarah
2 min readApr 17, 2022


I’m at this phase where I don’t understand what’s happening in my life. It feels like I’m starting life afresh. Like a baby who just began to walk. But out of my knowledge of the Father, I know His silence right now means “Trust me”.

Recently, I’ve been praying for clarity. Clarity to see what God is doing with me. I know God is very much aware of the way I’ve been feeling lately.

A phase of uncertainty, where it’s hard to see what God is doing in the moment. Although I know what’s at the end of this road, but the pathway is filled with so many bumps. A pathway that has caused me to tear up in prayers. It feels like a still moment in my life.

Trusting God in these times can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes I would just cry my heart out because there were literally no words to describe the way I was feeling. Sometimes I just ask God to help me.

I know God’s ways are not my ways. I know God loves me. I know that all things works together for good to them that loves God, to them whom He has called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

I’ve learnt that difficult times are not only times when we’re faced with trouble. Difficult times are also times you’re not sure of what God is doing with you, a time filled with so many uncertainties, a time when we’re distressed, a time when our hearts are filled with doubts and it feels like faith is running out, a time when you feel weak emotionally and spiritually, a time when you find it hard it carry on. But in troubled times such as these, we must fix our gaze on Jesus and hold firm to our confidence and hope in which we have in Him.

We have the privilege to be open with Christ. During these difficult times, we can be real with Jesus. Although, it seems God is silent, but when we discuss our feelings and circumstances with Him, He’s there listening, and replacing our distress with peace.

When we fix our eyes on God, it allows us stay grounded I.e it gives us the ability to stay calm and connected; not being controlled by our circumstances, not being overwhelmed with our situation. It helps us run through each day with endurance.

As a believer of Christ, are you going through something and it seems God isn’t present? Trust me, He is.

Just like I’m doing right now, fix your eyes on Jesus, with an unwavering faith in Him. Knowing how much He loves and cares for we His children.