D_T Sarah
3 min readNov 13, 2023


Many times this year, I was overwhelmed by my circumstances. This year is drawing near to its end, and one of the greatest and persistent battle I fought this year was depression. I really battled depression. 60% of this year was majorly me trying to remain sane. My sanity was so close to being taken from me many times.

When November started, I really wanted to be intentional about my thanksgiving to God. But I didn’t know the things to be thankful for, except the fact that my family and I were alive. It felt like I was ungrateful. But I was being sincere because I just couldn’t count my blessings. I have been blinded by the many challenges I had faced this year. But then, the Holy spirit really wanted me to see that I had so many things to be grateful for, even if I didn’t see the many miracles that happened behind the scene.

Several times this year, the devil came strong at me. The only thing he saw that I wasn’t guarding was my mind(mental health). I wasn’t paying so much attention, and that was why he was able to steal my joy many times.

During this time, I had some few persons around me who would relate similar problems with me. I would pray with them, for them, and even give words of encouragement. But I couldn’t fight for myself. I would go back to my corner only to start feeling overwhelmed with my circumstances, and negative thoughts would start rolling in. I think one of the greatest challenges in life, is being able to help others overcome issues you’re dealing with yourself.

Depression is characterized by feelings of hopelessness or pessimism. Feelings of irritability, frustration, or restlessness.

According to research, depression is a medical condition. But I say depression can also be a spiritual condition. The devil knows that when your joy is taken from you, he turns your eyes away from all the good God has granted you in life, and leaves you feeling ungrateful.

Many times when depression kicked in, I didn’t know God was really fighting for me. He was consistent in rescuing me. The Word of God, my Pastor’s timely sermons, and love, brought me out everytime it happened.

The phrase “The joy of the Lord is our strength" is really powerful. This joy is a unique strength because it is not dependent on an individual’s ability to be happy or positive. This joy comes from having faith in God no matter the circumstance.

One major thing I was able to learn from this phrase is that, we shouldn’t rely on ourselves for joy, because we can only find happiness in ourselves, and happiness is just a fickle thing that requires only happy circumstances.

We should learn to rely on God for our strength, for we can find joy only in Him. His joy provides us strength, and it’s a powerful source of comfort and confidence that is not dependent on our circumstances. His Joy is now my source of every good thing.

Now, I’m grateful for so many things. Mostly, I’m thankful for God’s love and goodness.