D_T Sarah
3 min readJan 8, 2024


Few days ago, I was on my bed. I had just finished studying my Bible, and my playlist was on. I was enjoying the quiet space, along with the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. Some minutes later, one of my little cousins entered the room where I was, and just lay down beside me. I felt it heavy in my heart to talk to her about the Holy Spirit. I sat there, and kept staring at her(she’s only 11years old). I didn’t know how I could talk to her about the Holy Spirit. Of course I know who the Holy Spirit is, but I didn’t know how exactly I was to start the conversation with an 11years old. How exactly am I going to break it down…I thought to myself. But the Holy Spirit kept asking me to tell the little girl about Him.

So I took the bold step of starting the conversation, by asking her if she knew Jesus. But to my surprise, she knew a lot about Jesus, knew about God, but didn’t have an understanding of who the Holy Spirit is. And so, my conversation with her eventually led to me teaching her about the Holy Spirit. Right after our conversation, I realized something.

When we sing about answering the call of Jesus a billion times, we get excited. But can we really answer every call of Jesus?

Jesus has a voice, and knows each and every one of us by name. No call by Jesus is to be considered unnecessary or too little. The things we consider so little, could be a request from the Holy Spirit. For instance, sometimes, we may suddenly feel this leading to either give a particular thing to a next door neighbor or even a stranger, but we may decide to feign ignorance.

A call from Jesus could be anything. Whether a little request, or a big assignment. All of those little requests from the Holy Spirit is Jesus calling on you. But you’ve been ignoring these calls. It is not only when you are called to the altar that it becomes a call. Jesus calls on us every single day.

What if I had ignored the Holy Spirit, and just kept to myself, by not teaching my little cousin about who the Holy Spirit is. After my conversation with her, I could literally see the light in her eyes, and I felt this peace within me.

What are those calls you have ignored, that has deprived people of what they should have or be aware of; due to ignorance?

The bible says in Romans 8:6 (NLT) “So letting your sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace".

The Holy Spirit helps us as believers to know the will of God. Although, there are a million calls that you probably have ignored, but there are a billion more to be answered. And so, I beseech you bethren, to pay more attention to the Holy Spirit from now on.