D_T Sarah
2 min readFeb 2, 2024


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I have gotten to the point where I can say I now understand what it means to WAIT. This is because I’ve been in a season that has been prolonged a very great way.

God is a God of season and process, and each season has a significant purpose in our lives, as God designs. I remember getting a particular instruction in the year 2021. Little did I know that the instruction would last for a very long time. I didn’t know that so many of the prophecies God gave to me was actually tied to this particular instruction. After staying on this journey for a very long time, I remember telling my friend that I was ready to give up, because it felt like these things would not become a reality. But at this point, I got an assurance from God. This assurance was comfort for me, and so I kept holding on to God’s word for my life.

But through all of these, I’ve been able to learn some things; which I would share.

God ordained seasons to mould us into who He intends us to be (Ecclesiastes 3:1–11). The first thing that increased my growth level during this season was PATIENCE. Patience fastens and secures faith, bringing us to the very point of humility. Where we learn ENDURANCE to persevere in our season of waiting.

A perfect illustration, is a seed sown in a longer season of winter. Winter is said to be the coldest and darkest season of the year. It has also been said that any seed planted in winter season is known as dormant seeding (the process of sowing seed at a time of the year when soil temperatures are not optimal for germination) and so it’s not advisable to sow seeds in a season where it’s not going to germinate

Sometimes, God’s promise is like a seed that is sown in winter, which will not germinate in that season, but will eventually grow and bloom in summer.

The season of wait takes us through a process of growth. We know through God’s track record that His promises to us are loyal and faithful, and that the season of summer will surely come, no matter how long it takes.

Although, it may look like nothing grows in winter, but this season takes us through a process of patience, faith, endurance, and humility, which brings us to that point of maturity. The season of harvest will surely come, when we’ve been moulded with everything that is needed to sustain us; when we eventually bloom like spring.

Are you in your season of winter? Just hold onto God, and you will encounter growth. Remember, God makes all things beautiful in His time.