D_T Sarah
3 min readDec 29, 2021


There was something that opened me up spiritually in year 2020. Something that really drove me back to God with so much passion, and that was PAIN.

Year 2018 was the year I began to know more about God, it was the year I knew how to pray and fast without having the need to rest. It was from that year that my life took a turnaround; physically and spiritually. I didn’t have everything, but I can say I was excelling in every area. During this time, I didn’t get the full picture of what I was called to do on earth, but I was doing all that God expected of me at that time. Unfortunately, things started to change in the last quarter of 2019. My focus began to shift to something else. I stopped praying like I used to and when I did pray, it was to talk to God about the things I needed.

It kept going on like that until 2020 when it happened!. God took away that thing that I so much wanted to keep that had me distracted. It was God’s way of disciplining me at that moment. I was really hurt. That pain was what awoken my spirit man, and so I went back to God. And as I went back to God, He began to reveal so many things to me. Where I was wrong, and things He had wanted me to do. I grew so much; spiritually, that I was always aware of everything that pertained to me. Even when I get a prophesy about me, somehow I was aware of it within my spirit. I was basking in the warmth of God’s love. Living in the knowledge of who Christ is and sharing it with world. There were difficult times, but with the help of God I wasn’t consumed.

In March 2021, I made a covenant with God. And so I went back to school with so much zeal to keep my part of the covenant. But I didn’t. I just kept blaming circumstances for the whole thing. I kept telling myself — God understands. To top it all, I wasn’t even praying and reading the Word like I should. I was very careless with my spiritual growth. During this time, I found myself unhappy all the time(guilty feelings). And when I would ask the holy spirit to make me understand what I was doing wrong that caused me to be unhappy most of the time, He would remind me of that particular thing I wasn’t doing right. But I didn’t really do anything about it.

And when God would discipline me, it came in bits(I thought it couldn’t get any worse). At first, I didn’t trace it to God. I only kept praying for a turnaround; waiting for a breakthrough. Still, nothing happened. After so much weeping, I decided to stay still. Then I heard in my spirit — before He formed me, He knew me. After I discerned that is was God, I cried for mercy. Every sadness and anger I felt suddenly disappeared. God indeed knows His children. He knows how to set us back on track.

God chastises His children. He is a loving Father who not only blesses but disciplines His children for their own good.

Heb 12:6(kjv) For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth

Prob 3:12(kjv) For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a Father the son in whom he delighteth.

A difficult situation in your life could also be traced to God. Your brokenness could also be from God. But I also want you to know that God is not One to see His children unhappy or to see them not succeeding

Jeremiah 29:11(kjv) — For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

A new year is about to begin. What is your Father calling you to do in this new year? What has He said concerning your life? What are His instructions for you this Year? Listen, pay attention and be obedient.

Dear Abba’s beloved, let nothing shift our focus away from God this year. Let our resolutions for the new year be in alignment with God’s will for us. I pray for you growth on every side in Jesus name.