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6 min readNov 9, 2020


You see, I once read the book of Exodus in the bible, but I didn’t finish it. This book is the first I’ll ever read without revelations and without a deep understanding of what it entails. But nevertheless, I kept on reading. Later on, I decided to stop, because I lost interest. At the time I decided to read it then, it was not my choice to just read that book; it was the holy spirit that pointed it out to me.
During these times, I began having difficulties in of the works God told me to do; and I blamed physical disturbances. Later one day, I was disturbed, and I brought myself to the realization that it was spiritual forces. I was also having dreams and revelations that really scared me. But my focus here is this particular ministry. God is good: AMEN. When things weren’t going well with this work, I was so discouraged and I asked God "Lord, I didn’t send myself to this place, you told me to go. So why then am I getting this feeling that I don’t belong here? It’s like my ministrations don’t impact lives. Only few pray for me and encourages me. You told me my case would be exceptional and that’s the grace you gave me...but why? " Well, I didn’t get any response. And truthfully, I began to fall back spiritually and consoled myself with the things of this world.
Recently, I talked to someone about my spiritual life and he told me to go back to God.
So, on a faithful day, I decided to go back to reading my bible. I opened my bible with a particular song which I put on repeat. I once told someone very close to me, that God speaks to me through the things I have true passion for. I opened my bible to the book of Matthew, but when I started reading, I couldn’t concentrate, because the song kept taking me to the book of Exodus. So I decided to read the it with this same song on repeat.
The song talked about Exodus 14. In this book of Exodus, it talks about God, Moses and the Israelites.
Verse 1-9(kjv) talks about how the Israelites had flee away from Egypt. but God hardened the heart of pharaoh that he said "why have we done this that we have let Israel go from serving us?" and so he chased after them (he and his army) and overtook them.
But these verses also talked about the motive behind God hardening the heart of pharaoh.
Verse 4(kjv) says "And I will harden pharaoh’s heart, that he shall follow after them; and I will be honored upon pharaoh, and upon all his host; that the Egyptians may know that I am the LORD. and they did so."
This led me to something. I remember writing a quote after listening to a message online. I wrote: "Not every brokenness or breakdown is to be considered demonic. Sometimes, the Lord breaks you, just so He can mold you. Of course I know it’s difficult to discern! but whether it is or it’s not; keep on trusting God for a breakthrough"

Sometimes, you pass through difficult times, and it seems like you will never find breakthrough or see the light ahead.
Verse 4, made us know that God intentionally made the heart of pharaoh so hard, that he still couldn’t let the Israelites go. But because He wanted the Egyptians to know that "YES! INDEED; I AM GOD".
When our enemies attack us, and it seems like we wouldn’t break free. We spend so many hours praying to God, and it seems as if God isn’t listening, and so we decide to give up. But many of us don’t pay attention to the important aspect which is; we are still living. The fact that we are still alive, shows that the enemy hasn’t overcome us. God is very aware of the situation we’re in. But He intentionally leaves it, so we can know the true meaning of victory. Everything is according to His timing. But then, we don’t understand God’s timing, we’re pressured, and so we begin to complain; and want to give up. Not knowing that He still wants us to keep praying.
The bible says in psalm 23:4(kjv) "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me"
Here, He didn’t say we wouldn’t pass through the valley. He said we would, but the important thing is that; so long as we trust Him, we would overcome.
Trusting God is a very important thing in attaining victory.

What are the promises of God for your life? Are you so much consumed in the challenges that comes your way and you’ve forgotten what He says about you?
When God told Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac, he was willing to do so; despite the fact that Isaac was his only son. But did you ever wonder why? It was because Abraham remembered the promises of God concerning Isaac; so he trusted Him. So it was up to God whether He would have to raise Isaac from the dead or send another Isaac from Heaven, He would still fulfill His promises.
This is what God wants us to always do in every situation.
So when God saw how much Abraham trusted him, He stepped in and asked Abraham to stop and provided him a ram to sacrifice instead.

So many times, God intentionally let our our enemies attack us to let them know "HE IS GOD"
Verse 10-12 talks about how the Israelites were so afraid when they saw pharaoh and his army. They had already given up and were talking about how they preferred serving the Egyptians back at Egypt.
Now, because the Israelites were so pressured, they began to complain and even preferred it when they were slaves. Not knowing God was taking them to the promise land. A place we’re they would be Kings and Queens.
Verse 13-31(kjv) talks about how Moses trusted God, even when the Israelites were pressuring him. Moses believed in the Lord. He told the Israelites to stand still, and see the salvation the Lord will show them. That the Egyptians they see today, they would see them no more.
Now let’s not forget that Moses and the Israelites were trapped. Before them was the red sea. there was no way forward, unless they wanted to turn back and end up in the hands of the Egyptians.
But what did God tell Moses? He said, speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward.
This happens to us so many times. When we we go through difficult times, and it seems as if there’s no way foward, we give up, and say God has forsaken us. That is the exact time God wants to trust Him the more and keep moving forward.
If Moses had given up just as the Israelites gave up, will God part the red sea? Will they ever think that they could walk through dry land in between the red sea?
God is very mysterious. We can never imagine the things God could do.
Many times we say "there’s nothing impossible for God to do" but do we really believe that? many of us aren’t patient, and that’s why we prefer being slaves or source for other means.
God is telling you to trust Him and be patient. Wait for His timing; you would see victory.

Now back to my ministry. I forgot the revelations God showed me about this particular ministry. My case is even exceptional in the sense that God didn’t send a Prophet or a Pastor to me. He revealed it to me Himself. It was so clear. But I was so consumed in what people had to say about me or how I wasn’t seeing His manifestation physically; forgetting what God actually told me. I wasn’t patient at all. I forget about God’s timing.

So my beloved, I don’t know what you’re going through, or what people are saying about you? please don’t get impatient and keep trusting God for a breakthrough. Wait for His timing. Your purpose isn’t about your will being done; it’s about God’s will.
You didn’t come to earth choosing to serve a purpose; you came here because God chose a purpose for you to fulfil. So why don’t you wait for His timing? He hasn’t forgotten you. Stop comparing yourself to others, you came to earth differently.
Every great ministry starts at the altar of prayer. If your prayer life is dead; you won’t see God’s promises for your life come to pass.
So my dear, go back to your knees, and talk to God. Ask Him for mercy. Ask Him to have mercy on you for not trusting Him enough.
God bless you.

Prayer point:
Father please don’t leave me, until You have done that which You created me for. Until Your purpose in me is manifested.